Visit Maldives glowing beach in mudhoo Island.

Being one of the most visited tourist attractions on the island, the beach is has the most beautiful florescent glowing waves caused by the presence of millions of marine microbes in the water. It’s beauty is one you wouldn’t want to miss.

Stay in a water bungalow.

If you’ve ever fantasized about staying in a water bungalow, well your dream is absolutely worth it. Imagine watching the blue skies reflect over the clear acquamarine water, not to mention it’s relaxing therapeutic privacy.

Dinner at an aquarium restaurant.

Experience the magic of a sumptous meal at a restaurant under the sea surrounded by glass walls. You’ll get to see first hand, the beautiful wonder of marine life. How awesome is that!!!

Go on a submarine tour

Embark on an underwater adventure and experience sea life coming through large acrylic windows. Experience sharks, fish, coral reefs and more, while taking alot of photographs.

Go dolphin watching.

Your vacation in Maldives may not be complete without going on a Dolphin tour. Experience one of the world’s most friendly and beautiful sea creatures clapping, and diving up close.